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Thanks for visiting my blog!  I hope you enjoy what you see here.

About me:  I’m a technical consultant for professionals and small to medium sized businesses, a husband, and a father.   I’m a former member of the executive committee for the Libertarian Party in my state, and I feel very strongly about protecting and enhancing individual rights.  I support ending the failed war on drugs in favor of more rational policy, and I believe that you should be able to marry any other adult human being that you want.  Truth be told, I don’t like the idea of the government regulating marriage to begin with.  I’m a confirmed Christian and I believe that good conversations and friendly, even heated debates are not mutually exclusive.

I enjoy following college and NFL football.  I find the strategy behind the game to be fascinating, not to mention a great outlet.

I started this blog to get my thoughts out in the open.  From the mildest musings to the craziest ideas, it’s all going in here.


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